Wealth is not built upon the pursuit of happiness, but the choice to prioritize happiness of all over the pursuit of wealth for those who “deserve it”.

~ C. Louise Williams
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The purpose of the “Rise Together Virtual Community” is to build community, to imagine a future that is equitable, prosperous and liberated, and to take practical steps to making that future a reality.

Rise Together Virtual Conference

Although we had to postpone the December 2021 date of the conference due to death threats made against me personally, the show must go on!

We are aiming to finalize a new date for the conference on the weekend of the Spring Equinox 2022 (March 21, 2022). Check out some of the info we already have below.

Finally, please consider donating to my gofundme or pledging $5/month on my patreon in order to support me in my work as the Primary Organizer.

It takes a lot of time and energy to coordinate a free-to-participate conference that spans multiple time zones, language barriers, and borders, and which has already attracted thousands of people ready to commit to change.

I am excited and ready to do all the labor that is required to organize the birth of this movement, but activists do not exist in a vacuum. We fight for our community. It is my hope that our community will have our backs in the way we truly need as we do.


More Information

Tentative Conference Schedule
(New Date TBA)

Sign-Up Survey

A series of questions designed to gauge your interests in projects and topics related to conference participation.

Click here to sign up!

Rise Together Reference Library Submissions

Do you have a great educational or well-researched article, video, or whatever on a political, economic, social, scientific (or whatever) or other pressing topic you’d like to share?

Click here to share it with us for our reference library!

Call For Submissions | Rise Together

What does rising together mean to you? Let us know here with a written or visual art piece!

Once our official website is ready, we’ll have a digital museum to publish these submissions in!

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