PROJECT: Decolonizing Whiteness

Decolonizing Whiteness


PHASE I: Get the data! ✔️

Check out the data here!

  • Beta-test survey and review critiques. ✔️
  • Finalize survey and make it publicly available ✔️
  • Publish survey data and related info ✔️

PHASE II: Build community and decolonize together!

  • Call for submissions for white folx to answer questions formed from survey data. ✔️
  • Choose and interview a small pool of survey respondents (Make Discord???)
PHASE III: Say It Louder for the People in the Back
  • Write and publish book entitled Decolonizing Whiteness.

A Few Words

PROJECT: Decolonizing Whiteness is about more than just understanding the intersectional experience of white folx.

It is about gathering the white community together to collectively understand the socializing and maintaining technologies of White Supremacy, and how those technologies are intimately connected with not only the colonization of Europe, but the subsequent European colonial project that resulted.

It is my hope that understanding these histories through the collective lived experience of living white descendants will give strength to the global decolonization movement in black and brown communities, assist white folx in decolonizing themselves, and contribute to the expedited dismantling of White Supremacy for good.

~ C. Louise Williams, 2022

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood

Call for Submissions
Now Open!

For Phase II of PROJECT: Decolonizing Whiteness, I want to hear more about you!

To submit a response to any of the questions formed from the survey data, click the two buttons below.

Keep the Questions List open while you take it to make it easier to choose!

Submissions may be chosen to be published and responded to on my blog, so be sure to choose whether or not you consent to being published and whether you would like your name listed as well!

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