Decolonizing Whiteness Data

Knowledge is a mirror; wisdom is recognizing that it is not the reflection which carries the burden of change.

~ C. Louise Williams

A Brief Note on Decolonizing Whiteness

This project is not just for understanding the inner dynamics of the white community, or even the very achievable goal of dismantling White Supremacy for good.

This project is about building an intellectually and culturally self-sufficient community based in a collective foundation that transcends the dehumanizing principles of the violent past which has preceded us.

I invite you to explore the data and infographics I’ve provided, consider with critical depth the questions that white folx provided which they need to be asked to decolonize whiteness, share your thoughts and help me take this little seed I’ve created and plant it in the fertile soil of a truly liberated and just future for all.

C. Louise Williams, 2022.


Survey Questions & Additional Notes

Respondent Expectations

Aggregate file of questions/topics respondents expected on survey

Survey Data

Edited for clarity and to remove identifying information.


LGBTQ+ Community Dominates Survey Responses

81.9% of survey respondents identified their sexual orientation as non-heterosexual.

A slim majority of respondents (56.8%) identified as cisgender.

Neurodivergence & Disability Representation

A large majority of respondents identified as neurodivergent and/or have been diagnosed with mental illness.

27.3% of respondents – a sizable minority – identified as disabled as well.

Limits vs. Lived Experience

An interesting snapshot: most respondents said there were no racial or economic limits on who they could befriend as children.

However, the self-reported diversity of respondent friend groups was on average less diverse racially than financially.

Class & Expected Inheritance

Juxtaposing self-identified socioeconomic class with respondent expectations of inheritance was one of the things I was most excited about for the survey
(Note: I forgot to add “Middle Class” as an option. Derp.)

70.6% of respondents identified either as Working Class or Lower Middle Class.

Only 30.5% of respondents expect to inherit, but over 10% more expect other family members to inherit.


Familial Expectations

There was a pretty even spread of responses as far as respondents being expected to adhere to the dominant political views of ones family. However, the same cannot be said for familial gender norms responses.

On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 showed being entirely expected to adhere to gender norms, 60.9% of respondents reported a 4 or above.

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