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“Our Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams”
by C. Louise Williams

All commissions, whether a written or visual art piece, are labors of love. They are made to serve as reflections of their intended recipient, spiritually-founded crafts, which aid in shadow work, self-love, and to serve as a guide in gentle but profound holistic evolution.

For example, I made the painting to the left to celebrate my love for my siblings. That’s me with the tarot card! 🙂 My technique has gotten better, but my commitment to making art based in love and wisdom remains the same.

Finally, it’s just fun to build community with each new client. I can’t wait to create for you too!

“The writing itself is so eloquently pieced together to have the story flowing from beginning to end.  I was so lost in the story itself that, by the time I got to the end, I realized I didn’t actually read it to understand the reading. When I went back a second time to read it, it was like a light clicked. I was in awe of how much my reading revealed!”

~ Tijuana M. Bourgoin

Creative Writing

Sample Work

Narcissus Couldn’t Blink | Poetry Chapbook
Positively Mad | Online Poetry Journal

Short Stories
Bewitching Dreams | A Short Story Collection

Love Letters
Sample Coming Soon! 🙂

Paintings & Illustrations

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More Info

All commissions come with:

  • 1-hr appointment to discuss your shadow work goals, and to tease out the specific question, concern, or topic you would like your commissioned spiritual writing to focus on (optional, but preferred).
  • Creative Writing
    • Digital Copy of your commissioned creative writing piece (PDF only).
    • Finished piece will be emailed to you 3-5 days after date commission payment is received.
Poem$35• 1 pg.
• single-spaced
• Digital Copy Only
Short Story$45• Up to 6 pgs.
• double-spaced
• Digital Copy Only
Love Letter$55• Up to 9 pgs.
• double-spaced
• Digital Copy Only
C. Louise retains all publishing rights unless otherwise stated in writing. No Refunds.
  • Painting & Illustrations
    • Digital Download is the default option. Art Print and Original Work options are available for additional fees.
    • Finished piece will be sent out 2 weeks after date commission payment is received.
(Base Price)
• Media: Graphite, Ink

(Base Price)
• Media: Watercolor, Gouache
C. Louise retains all publishing rights unless otherwise stated in writing. Base Price non-refundable.
Digital Download | + $0
Print | +$20 (size: “12×16” )
Original Work | +$150
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