Data Now Available! | Decolonizing Whiteness

I am pleased to announce that the survey questions, raw data, and a compilation of respondent expectations for the decolonizing whiteness survey are now available!

Check out the files as well as a brief description of the contents of each here.

Almost 5,000 people participated which is an absolutely amazing turnout for a survey which was only available for a couple weeks.

I am so excited to get started making some infographics to capture the primary demographics of the survey respondents as well as some of the more fascinating results in the data.

Please stay tuned for more: I’ll be picking out some of the typical questions respondents said they were looking forward to being asked, and getting ready to pick an intersectional pool of interviewees for the second phase of ✨PROJECT: Decolonizing Whiteness✨!!

My tentative thought for the interviews is to focus on the question: “What is your experience living in the skin you’re in?” This is a typical question that is asked to black and brown folx all the time, so I thought it only made sense to make that the primary subject of the more qualitative, open-ended portion of this project as well. In doing so, I hope to more fully capture the experiences of both monoracial (A/N: is this a word..?) and biracial white folx as well.

Thank you again to the many folx who contributed, and I can’t wait to work more on this project and set up some more open-to-the-public, creative ways to participate as well.

Until then!

~ C. Louise

P.S. Sorry if you received multiple alerts while I updated the page. Still learning how to use WordPress haha!

2 responses to “Data Now Available! | Decolonizing Whiteness”

  1. This is fantastic! I’m glad you got such a large response! It definitely is a question I’ve subconsciously thought about before, but not straight out “how do you feel about your skin?” and it’s a great exercise. I’m going to have my kids start to think about it, too.


    • Thank you! I’m really excited to see what this project becomes. My goal has always been to inspire others and to help change the world, and getting folx to think outside the box seems a great way to do it ^_^


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