Survey Now Available! | Decolonizing Whiteness

Hey Y’all! It’s been a while since I really wrote on here, and it’s time for me to change that, starting now.

I am excited to introduce my newest project, entitled “Project: Decolonizing Whiteness“! This project is the culmination of a great deal of academic training, shadow work, self reflection and my own decolonizing process as a queer black woman.

If at least one of your racial categories is white/caucasian, click here to be taken directly to the survey!

A short while ago it hit me that perhaps the first and most painful step in defeating the poltergeist that is White Supremacy is to push the white community into its own decolonization process, into reflecting upon the many ways that they not only transported the trauma of their own colonization onto black and brown communities across the world, but the ways in which they continue to maintain and reinforce their own collective colonization trauma in every aspect of today’s euro-centric, globalized society.

This is a big endeavor of course, but I always say that any weaving can be undone when you pull the right thread (and that’s on Queen Penelope).

It is my hope that this labor – which is a labor of love not only for humanity itself but for my own Afro-Diasporic community – will be the impetus in defeating the demons that have plagued us for centuries: poverty, xenophobia, and genocide.

I have always believed that any place which is in a state of poverty is a place whose people are under siege.

The world is a garden of wonders, it is up to us – and our treatment of it and ourselves – which determines whether that garden be of hellish nightmare or ethereal delight.

~ C. Louise Williams

The “mentally ill” know
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