Building Better | Analyzing Biden’s Policy Stances (Part I)

Photo by Jon Sailer on Unsplash

Since President Biden’s inauguration, the commander-in-chief has championed the rebuilding of the United States, from our country’s core value of manufacturing and the blue collar labor force, to reasserting the norms of democracy abroad.

Transportation infrastructure, trade policy reinvigoration, and more: Biden’s policy agenda is long and ambitious, especially given his need to work with a Congress still polarized by bipartisan bickering and the legacy of Trump’s own presidency.

Because of the ambitiousness of Biden’s policy goals, it is important that we take an in-depth look at the potential benefits, consequences, and obstacles that present themselves in the construction of each policy and policy area. I am a bit late to the game in analyzing these policies, but the good news is, waiting until a bit later in Biden’s presidency will also afford us a glance into the way his fellow elected officials have already reacted to his agenda.

I will be looking into the following policy areas in the articles to come for this series:

  • Trade Policy
  • Mental Health Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Labor Policy
  • Diplomacy and International Policy
  • Economic/Monetary Policy

Part of the reason I have chosen these policy areas is that I believe these subfields represent a comprehensive understanding of the overarching themes of Biden’s presidency thus far.

I am also interested in these policies because of their impact on personal finance, lifestyle and investment opportunities for those living in the United States, myself included. Lately, I have been really considering the phrase “the personal is political“, and as such have been looking at the political and economic goings-on and using myself as the lens.

What are my own goals for the future, and how are they potentially impacted by policy today? How will my livelihood and investments be affected, for example, by ongoing trade negotiations?

And most importantly, what do I need to know to aid my community in achieving long-term prosperity?

As I go through these policy areas, I will keep these questions in mind. If the personal is indeed political, then it is of the utmost necessity that I factor my own subjective experience into the policy memos, journaling, and creative endeavors that I pursue.

Follow along with me as I make sense of 2021 policies, and if there are any policies you’d like me to take a look at – especially as it relates to the areas of mental health, incarceration, and/or environmental policy, let me know!


C. Louise

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