To New Adventures! | Diving Into the Classy Lifestyle

In the past few weeks I’ve become enamored with the traditional ideals of elegance and deportment, so much so that I have been binge watching videos by Anna Bey – founder of the online School of Affluence- and by the famed Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette and The Plaza Hotel Finishing School.

The ideal image I have created of myself, of being dressed in a classy and refined manner, of behaving and exhibiting the proper training of an elegant woman, is one that I adore. I have been practicing retaining good posture while standing, positioning myself with the Sussex Slant while sitting (although I default to the Cambridge Cross because it is more comfortable, in my opinion), and I have been going through video after video to learn how to use my silverware properly during dinner, to hold my teacup properly, and to be able to carry on a conversation with all of the allure and charm of an elegant woman.

It would be easy to say this interest is new, but really, I have always prided myself on maintaining a “put together” image. I have taken business etiquette classes – where I learned how to properly engage during a three course meal, and how to network professionally – as well as a modeling class which essentially taught me the basics of deportment, how to walk, talk, and dress with grace.

Although during those classes, I received some constructive criticism that at the time seemed to be nitpicking and even a bit classist, they nevertheless instructed me on how to present my best face to the world. Now that I have completed my Masters degree and am beginning to step out into the professional world, I have been asking myself: what kind of woman am I? what kind of lifestyle do I want to live?

I had never previously stopped to really ask myself these questions, I was so focused on completing my education that the realization of how long life can actually be didn’t occur to me until after my graduation. Now that these questions are on my mind, I can’t help but seek out the answers with the same fervor that drove me through my education.

I don’t quite have the answers yet either, but I do have glimpses of the person that I want to become. Well-dressed. Demure. Warm and approachable. Vibrant. Sociable. Financially secure. Charming. Well-traveled.

I want to be the kind of woman that I looked up to in my youth, and the kind that I believed I was striving for in my early twenties, for better and for worse.

Personal development is the name of the game, and if my introduction into my own “glow up” is set to come through a deep dive into the world of refined etiquette training, then so be it!

I have been waiting for a new adventure. 🙂

Featured Photo by Vladimir Yelizarov on Unsplash

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