Self-Reflection: Shiver and Shake While the Earth Quakes

This reflection comes a bit late as yesterday was full to the brim with chores and tasks – a productive day, I mean to say!

But that doesn’t take away at all from Sunday’s poem, “Shiver and Shake While the Earth Quakes“, which was inspired by an impromptu dance party my friend and I had to an acid jazz playlist. This one to be exact, which is now also my new favorite animation.

This poem is important not only because it is the first non-angsty or -bittersweet poem I have written in quite a long time, but for me it was an exercise in the expression of happiness and fulfillment as well, something I struggle with.

You see, despite my cheery exterior (Hah!), I tend to lapse into jadedness sometimes, and I can see the typical “good vibes” crowd as being disconnected from reality. Rose-colored lenses syndrome, one might say.

But thanks to a combination of medicine changes from an attentive and empathetic psychiatrist (I have been diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar Disorder), and an awesome hangout session with a very spiritual and fun-loving friend, I could feel my heart positively glowing in my chest.

The theme I have given the year 2021 is “stability, abundance and travel”, and so early into the year, I’d have to say that the hours of dancing and laughter with my friend was right on track.

This poem is a clear reflection of that: to throw caution to the wind for a moment and let the music, let the energy of my own existence guide my steps to simple and much needed happiness.

The music was mellow but energetic, funky, and we both tried to dance just like the lovely woman in the animation. It was a moment that wanted for nothing, it was a reminder of the days – not so far gone as one might think – where I tread upon the earth barefoot and relished the feel of the earth between my toes. It was simply a perfect human moment, and even hours after its conclusion the joy I felt still rattled ’round in my mind. Of course, I had to share it with you!

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