The Arctic Front

Photo by adrian on Unsplash

My class would end in less than twenty minutes, but I was still restless; my craving for lemonade making me bite my lip.  Oh, I thought, you sweet and tasty beverage.  What I wouldn’t do to get some of you.  When my professor wasn’t looking I would let my head lull against my fist and look out the window behind him, at my reflection in the glass.

It was dark outside, probably freezing too, and I did not relish the idea of having to walk out there to get to my car. I imagined myself shivering outside, speeding toward the parking structure underneath the cold, unforgiving stars.

My professor continued to drone on, and by now I was too entrenched in my staring into the void just beyond the doors to answer the question he asked me.  I said the first thing that came to mind when I realized his eyes had turned to me: “I believe that the answer is no, because the theory is insufficient to account for the externalities caused by excess pollution by corporations.”


The professor nodded with a look of confusion he clearly tried to hide, then he continued to lecture.  I never got an answer one way or another whether I was on topic, but it would have been on topic half an hour ago so I took his moving on as a good sign.

I looked at the clock: ten minutes left before I would be outside in the breeze flowing down from the Arctic.  I let myself drift off, staring at the sunless sky, wondering at the clouds that dotted the horizon beyond the fluorescent lamps just outside the door.  Perhaps I am thinking of this all wrong, I thought. Perhaps I am a carefree snowflake, wafting on a gentle breeze without a care toward the frigid temperature – 

Ah.  Class is over.  Time for a walk on the mild side.


C. Louise Williams

This free write was inspired by prompt #1 of the 365 prompt challenge on


The mentally ill know.
.     .    .   .  . ……………………….to imagine beyond………………………. . .  .   .    .      .

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